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Crochet is the Ultimate Self-Care in a World Gone Mad

Crochet is hotter than ever! No longer solely the pastime of choice for the silver set, crocheters have emerged from the most unlikely of corners, and that is fantastic. I have noticed all of the weird and wonderful projects that crocheters are doing these days including groovy goth gear, detailed anatomically correct organs, plush animals both real and fantastic, intricate jewelry, serious original high-end garments, cozy nostalgic pieces and accessories of all kinds.

So, what is the appeal to such a varied set of crafters? I think it’s the effect of relaxing. Once you leave the yarn shop with a new bundle of goodness and while you are working your way through the creative process, the effect on your body is the soothing of your nervous system, the slowing of your heart rate, the lowering of your blood pressure and the easing of your digestive malaise. In short, it just feels good.

And who doesn’t need a healthy escape these days? Worries are everywhere, many of which we cannot immediately make a meaningful impact upon. The added advantage of choosing crochet as your favorite diversion is that you gain entre into the diverse and welcoming crochet universe. So, fellow crafters, I salute you and hope that I can add my love of crochet to the delightful Crochet Chorus!